Benson Hill Ranch


Joe & Jo Anna Benson
11029 NS 367
Okemah, OK 74859


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Official Home of CGG Texas Wild Horse
Highest Selling Buck at the 2014 Heartland Sale in Sedalia, Mo

Welcome to Benson Hill Ranch (BHR) located near Cromwell, Oklahoma.

 Benson Hill Ranch is owned and operated by Joe & Jo Anna Benson. We are located in central Oklahoma. The location couldn’t be better when it comes to selling or purchasing goats. Interstate 40 (I-40) is 1 1/2 miles south of our ranch. Please call for directions and to schedule a visit.

Benson Hill Ranch goat operation consists of the development of four separated herds: full blood Savanna Goats, full blood Kiko goats, full blood Spanish goats, plus a percentage and commercial herd. Kiko, Savanna, Spanish full blood and percentage goats for sale.

Our commercial herd is made up of Kiko/Spanish and Kiko/Savanna’s bred to full blood Kiko, Savanna and Spanish bucks.

We strive to develop a strong doe herd base with exceptional maternal instincts, parasite resistance, and early kid growth. We have chosen the Kiko, Savanna and Spanish breeds as they have the history and genetics for these traits. Loose minerals are provided free choice and the herd is provided supplement during inclement weather. Worming schedule is based on the FAMACHA system and veterinarian services are provided on a as needed basis.

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